"Will looks like the lovechild of Mark Ruffalo and John Mayer." - Anonymous

"I saw Will help a cat out of a tree even though no one was watching." - Garfield

"Will makes makes me laugh." - Everyone

A Little About Me...

Will Rubio Random Acts

Random Acts

Fun Fact #1: Will has NINE sisters!

Will was born and raised in Miami, Florida to a big, loving, and loud Cuban family. His creativity was fostered by having to entertain his brother and nine sisters. Yes, NINE!

Fun Fact #2: Gotta Have My Pops

Will's first audition and booking was a SAG national commercial for Kellogg's Corn Pops. In Spanish! For the following three years he was recognized as the "Corn Pops guy" all over Miami...mostly by cute Cuban grandmas.

Fun Fact #3: Look out Carmen Miranda

Will knows every word to the Chiquita Banana song and he will perform it at the drop of a hat.

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